Agostino Bonalumi - New Works

22/04/2010 - 29/06/2010

Gallery Vedovi is pleased to announce its inaugural show of Agostino Bonalumi with a fine selection of recent works. Bonalumi is a seminal italian artist of the second half of the 20th century, widely represented in major private and institutional collections. Featuring both recent and emblematic early works, the exhibition will encompass different stages of a singular creative process that started in Milan in 1958 under the influence of Lucio Fontana.


As one of the founder of the Azimuth group together with Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani, Agostino Bonalumi wanted to capture the very essence of the concrete and objective materiality without introducing any specific meaning or symbolism in his work, as opposed to the abstract expressionism that dominated in the late fifties and early sixites. Wanting to divest from any illusionistic or metaphysical expression in art in favor of a literal truth, his approach explores the formal and structural realities of the canvas through a three dimensional matrice. 


Bonalumi uses special substructures in wood or metal to break the evenness of the canvas that lent it a plastic relief, thus allowing to capture light and to throw shadows on its own. The strength of these geometrical shapes is enhanced by the monochrome in a homogeneous, nuance free and flat color. Highly radical in their formal conception and ideal in their aesthetic pretension, his « painting objects » embody a subtle alchemy between the painting and the sculpture. This combination results in perfectly self contained objects whose artistic language distils elegantly and pushes the avant garde spirit of the ZERO group into a new field of freedom while transcending the notions of universalism. Apparently static and deceptively simple at first glance, Bonalumi’s reductivist technique confers a vibrant and thrilling power to his spatial modulations intimately balanced by an immaculate and sensual grid.


The recent works represent the synthesis between the research of new visual landing stages and the appraisal of the themes typical of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Mr. Bonalumi himself says “ in the actual organization of the work I reconsider some elements of my previous experience, but it is not a re-thinking but a looking ahead. It is an intern and troubled continuity “. Thus in the permanence of the visual expressive language, Bonalumi, during his research, had always been modified the technique of his works. The actual procedure, that the artist started in the beginning of the 90’s, had achieved a such grade of accomplishment to be able to influence “in itself” the visual aspects of the works. Therefore the latest works are not a “self recalling” but they are a mature  expression of the elements that belong to the more intimate nature of his whole work through a procedure that it’s something else from the past. It is like finding themselves at the starting point but at an above level.